‘What’s next?’ Classes

Some say Confucius coined this saying (or words to this effect): a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step. It is certainly true of embroidery. Even the most skilled embroiderer began by learning simple stitching.

For some, that first step into the world of embroidery was being taught as a child by a family member. For others, it may have been to attend an Embroidery Basics class at the Guild, or to explore our library’s resources to discover what stitching most appeals. Or attending one or more Guild stitching days just to see what others are doing. Or participating in one or more of our Start Stitching classes.

Our ‘What’s next?’ classes are for those looking to take their next few steps—to learn ways to apply designs, use stitches in a different style and even just how to start a stitching piece. Like stepping stones upwards, they are designed to help new embroiderers progressively expand their skills and prepare them for more advanced or specialised classes.  Three classes will be offered during 2018, open to all Guild members.

Suki, cousin of Mabel’s cat
Inspired by Mabel McAlister’s Lazy Daisy cat

Sunday 25 March, 2018 @ 9.30 am – 2.00 pm
(with a lunch break)

For the first class, students are to bring their own colour selection of stranded cotton threads and needles. A list of colours will be provided. Own choice of fabric can be used and the student will learn how to transfer a design onto fabric, experiment with known stitches and learn some new ones.

Deborah Love
Class Code
Class Cost
$45 for members; $55 non-members
Class Kit
$12.00 for kit including fabric (for those who contact the tutor early) or $5.00 without fabric, payable to the Tutor on the day.

Important:  Students must register to allow kits to be prepared.
Class Registration and Enquiries
Complete the Class Registration Form 
Contact the Class Registrar by emailing classes@embroiderersguildqld.org.au or phone 3252 8629.