The Embroiderers’ Guild, Queensland is a safe and friendly environment where members share knowledge, learn new skills, and enjoy fellowship.

Throughout the ages, people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures have adorned their clothes and homes. The techniques and styles may vary with time and place, but the results are always the same: to celebrate the love of the beautiful.

One of the aims of our Guild has been to keep all forms of embroidery alive, both modern and traditional techniques. We have a range of classes, for adults and children, which cater for differing levels of skill from the beginner to the accomplished embroiderer.

You do not have to be an experienced embroiderer to enjoy the many pleasures the Guild offers. Discover your inner creativity, learn how to express it with needle and thread, and delight in the company of like-minded people.

Jane Holloway
EGQ Honorary President

Construction Mini Class: Edging a biscornu
Construction Mini Class: Edging a biscornu
Sunday 5 February 2023

A simple finish for a fob and biscornu.

Start Stitching: Summer flowers brooch
Start Stitching: Summer flowers brooch
Sunday 12 February 2023

Everyone aged over 18 is welcome – beginners or experienced embroiderers alike. You don't have to be a Guild member.

Essential Embroidery Skill: Colour
Essential Embroidery Skill: Colour
Saturday 18 February 2023

Understanding colour is important in designing a beautiful and effective piece of embroidery. This class focuses on which colours go well together and which don’t and why.

Construction Mini Class: Scandinavian picot edging
Construction Mini Class: Scandinavian picot edging
Saturday 25 February 2023

This mini construction class teaches a firm, durable and decorative edge suitable for finishing many projects.

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Recycle / Upcycle 2023 Challenge

Members are warmly invited and encouraged to join the 2023 Challenge, which has been devised around the concepts of sustainability and repurposing.

The Recycle / Upcycle 2023 Challenge is a fun activity for Members to create usable and pleasing items from recycled textiles that have been donated to the Guild for reuse.

So join the Challenge in 2023 to highlight the serious issue of textile waste and showcase your creativity. More information can be found in the December Members Newsletter.