‘What’s next?’ Classes

Our What’s next? classes are designed for those with some basic embroidery experience who want to broaden their abilities – perhaps to learn new stitches or techniques or just to try a project that is a little more challenging.

The What’s next? classes are a gentle ‘step up’ from those we offer through our Start Stitching program, which cater for embroidery beginners.

Learning anything new is always a gradual process. One does not master anything overnight, and that includes embroidery. It is about developing some basic skills, and then building on them, bit by bit and to help new stitchers develop at their own pace and in their chosen direction.

So, if you have recently completed one or more Start Stitching classes, or have some basic embroidery skills, our What’s next? classes might be just what you are looking for. Do come along and see!