The EGQ LibraryThe Guild’s Library contains an extensive collection of over 2,500 books and magazines on all forms of embroidery, and related areas such as textile arts and patchwork. It provides members with a wonderful resource for designs, learning skills, and ideas.  New resources are added to the Library each year through purchases and through generous donations from members and friends of the Guild. 

Library books can be found in two ways
The catalogue is printed out twice a year and placed in folders on the  Library Desk. The folders are for Authors, Titles, and Subjects.
The catalogue is on the Librarything website on the Internet. This is up to date and more comprehensive.

How to search the Library Catalogue

  • Go to
  • This is a list of all our books. The most recently acquired books are first, with a picture of their cover.
  • Enter your search words in the Search this Library box and click Search. Use the dropdown to limit your search to specific fields, such as author or title or tags (key words).
  • Don’t use the Search Site box on the very top right of the screen, this takes you to the worldwide Librarything list.
  • To go back to do another search click on [X] at the top left of the screen or simply click on the Books
  • To find the book on the shelves, note down the Call Number and Accession Number (A/N).   These are in the Tags field.

If the book is not on the shelves, let the Librarian know.

Borrowing guidelines
Only financial members of the Guild can borrow library resources. Members of the public and students with an interest in embroidery are welcome to access resources, but only in the Guild Library. Contact the Guild by emailing or phoning (07) 3252 8629 to organise this.

New books are displayed on the Library Desk for a while for members to browse and reserve.
Guild members may borrow 3 books and 3 magazines for 4 weeks.  Extensions to loans can be requested from the Librarian by email.
Use the RETURNS drawer in the Library Desk when returning loans or finishing browsing.
Country members are invited to write to the Guild, phone its rooms on (07) 3252 8629 or send an email message to to request the loan of library resources.

Guild Library magazines are shelved by their title and are available for loan. The following magazines are current subscriptions:
Embroidery, the textile art magazine, published by Embroiderers’ Guild UK, 6, 1955 to date (from Vol.44, 1993 -Vol.52, 2001 it was called World of Embroidery).
Inspirations, published by Inspirations Studios, Australia. 1 1993 to date.
Needlepoint Now, published by Needlepoint Now, Oregon, USA. 6 No.4, 2004, Vol. 8 2006 to date.
Pieceworks, published by Long Thread Media, USA. Vol.5, 1997 to date.
Stitch, published by the Embroiderers’ Guild UK, 2000 to date.
Textile Fibre Forum, published by Artwear Publications, Australia. 1988 to date.
Threads, published by the Association of NZ Embroiderers’ Guilds Inc. 1984 to date.

The following are older magazines for which the Guild does not have current subscriptions:
Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch & Beading, published by Jill Oxton, no.20 1995 – no.90, 2014.
Rakam, this is an Italian magazine which is no longer being published, no.10, Sept 2005 – no.7/8, Jul/Aug 2016.
Sampler Antique and Needlework, published by Hoffman Media, USA. 14, 1999 – no.79, 2015.
The Embroideress, the Guild has most of these magazines but as they are very fragile, they are for use in the Library only. This magazine was published by Pearsall and Company and the Old Beach Linen Company of Ireland from 1922 to 1939.

Please be aware that some magazine issues are missing, are on loan or were never received.

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