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The Embroiderers’ Guild, Queensland Inc. (EGQ) has produced a range of simple embroidery projects available for purchase. We hope you enjoy this range of embroidery projects which are an ideal way of exploring embroidery styles and stitches.
These projects are only available electronically, following EFT payment and registration.  At this time, the Guild is unable to accept cheque or cash payments.
EGQ holds the copyright of all the project designs, instructions and diagrams, which are for personal use only.  No copies may be reproduced for sale, for use by another person or used to create a saleable item.

Important information
Access to the design, instructions and diagrams is online and you will require a printer.  If you wish to download the project in colour, you will need a colour printer but you can always view the project online without printing.  Unfortunately, we are unable to print and mail project details.

Project payment and registration
To receive your project instructions, complete the Class Registration Form  listed on the website, which contains instructions for payment.
Following payment, send the completed form with the project code to:  classes@embroiderersguildqld.org.au

Project 1 – A Wessex Stitchery Mini Biscornu
Project Code and Cost:  LM 1805  $10 (EFT payment only)        
Wessex Stitchery is a counted-thread technique using simple stitches to create a range of diverse and pretty patterns. Popular during the 1920s and 1930s, most of this style of embroidery was designed and worked in the Wessex area by Mrs Margaret M Foster. Colour, simple stitches and lettering were some of the most prominent features.   Reference: Wessex Stitchery, Gay Eaton (2000).

This mini biscornu is a small, 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushion. It is constructed from two square pieces of Aida or linen fabric (forming the top and bottom of the cushion).  Each corner of one square is attached to the centre of a side of the opposite square. The biscornu is decorated with embroidery and secured in the centre by a button, creating a small depression.

Project 2 – Bugs in the Garden Needlecase           
Project Code and Cost:  DL0606   $10.00 (EFT payment only)
Using familiar stitches and bright colours, this needlecase, with its flowers and garden bugs, will cheer your winter days. The project contains the design for you to trace, instructions and photos.


Project 3 – Floral Humbug Pincushion           
Project Code and Cost: 
AW0107  $10.00 (EFT payment only)
The Floral Humbug is a small, counted-work pincushion made in the shape of a tetrahedron, evoking memories of humbug lollies. Have lots of fun constructing this unusual shape with materials already in your stash.


Project 4 – Schwalm white work pincushion          
Project Code and Cost: 
DL0109  $10.00 (EFT payment only)

Schwalm white work embroidery is a regional embroidery originating in the Hesse area along the Schwalm River in Germany. It was embroidered on pillowcases, napery, sheets, aprons, cuffs, and clothes and incorporates surface stitches, pulled thread work, drawn thread work and needle weaving.


Project 5 – Crewel embroidery pincushion          
Project Code and Cost: 
FA1210  $10.00 (EFT payment only)

Crewel embroidery, with its varied surface stitches, has a long history, well before English medieval times. It is stitched with 2 ply wools on a traditional fabric called linen twill.

In 17th century Jacobean times, this embroidery was extremely popular and was used for furnishings including bed curtains and screens and featured many flowers, scrolls and the natural world.

Project 6 – A Scandinavian-Inspired Folk Christmas Decoration     
Project Code and Cost: 
CF1511  $10.00 (EFT payment only)

What about a great ornament for your Christmas tree – here is a Scandi Christmas Decoration.

This decoration draws on designs that were painted on furniture in Sweden and uses the traditional red colour thread, although blue and white colours were also used. You will find it a pleasure to stitch, and it could be personalised by adding your signature and the date on the reverse side. What a lovely gift it would make.

Another way to use this piece is to use any Christmas design that you may like.  The instructions for the assembly would stay the same. The project contains the design, working instructions and photo.

Project 7 – Needlepoint Scissor Fob
Project Code and Cost: PP2110  $10.00 (EFT payment only)

Project payment and registration
Remember, to receive your project instructions, complete the Class Registration Form  listed on the website.
Following payment, send the completed form with the project code to:  classes@embroiderersguildqld.org.au